Pablo Borelli, grasslands scientist and grazing expert explains grassland ecology and grazing issues to a group of TNC scientists, program staff, ranchers and employees of Ovis XXI during a field training session as part of TNC's sustainable grasslands program, Argentina, Estancia Los Pozos.

Request For Proposals

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Proposing a New SNAP Working Group

SNAP regularly issues requests-for-proposals for new Working Groups. Project proposals must have the potential to generate clear outcomes for improving human well-being and nature conservation, and should examine a geographic scale that may produce generalizable conclusions and/or replicable solutions. Proposals may require some original modeling, and in rare cases funding may be provided to collect some original data that fill gaps in an otherwise relatively complete picture.

SNAP is a boundary institution — at the boundary between analysis and action. We seek proposals for Working Groups that help answer two overarching questions:

  • How can nature conservation broadly benefit human well-being while enhancing longer-term ecological resilience and sustainability?
  • How can economic development and humanitarian activities be conducted in a sustainable manner and what alternatives can be explored to achieve this sustainability?

SNAP will make an announcement when the RFP application process opens again.

New Working Groups will be announced in July 2015.



SNAP is not currently accepting RFPs for new working groups. You can click the link to download a copy of the 2015 RFP packet.

Download the RFP